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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement and Consent to Use of Data at www.CataleaFashion.com

Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust is important to us. We respect your private and personal sphere. The protection and legally compliant collection, processing and use of your personal data is an important concern for us. To ensure that you feel safe while visiting our web pages to feel safe, we strictly observe the statutory provisions when processing of your personal data and would like to inform you here about our data collection and use of information.

By agreeing to the following data protection declaration, you consent to IFA GmbH, Moosfeldstraße 1 / OG / A8 in A-5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg (hereafter CataleaFashion) collecting, processing and using your personal data in compliance with the data protection laws and the following provisions.

1. Responsible Body

IFA GmbH is responsible for the collection, processing and use of your personal data in the sense of the German Federal Data Protection Act.  If you want to object to the collection, processing or use of your data by CataleaFashion in accordance with these data protection provisions as a whole or for individual measures, you can send your objection by E-mail, fax or letter to the following contact details:

IFA GmbH – Brandboxx Salzburg
Moosfeldstraße 1 / OG / A8
A-5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg
E-mail: office@cataleafashion.com
Fax: +43-(0)1-7985851

2. Collection, Processing and Use of Personal Data

2.1 Personal Data
Personal data is information about personal or factual circumstances of a specific or determinable natural person. This includes, for example, your name, your phone number, your address and all inventory data that you provide us with during the registration and the creation of your customer account. Statistical data which we collect, for example, when you visit our web shop and which cannot be linked directly to your person does not fall into this category. For example, this includes statistics on which pages of our shops are especially popular or how many users visit specific pages of the CataleaFashion shops.

2.2 Customer Account
For each customer that registers accordingly, we set up a password-protected direct access to the customer’s inventory data stored with us (customer account). You undertake to treat the personal access data confidentially and not to make them accessible to unauthorised third parties. We cannot accept any liability for misused passwords, unless we are responsible for the abuse.

2.3 Collection, Processing and Use of Your Personal Data
Data protection is very important to us. Therefore, we comply very strictly in the collection, processing and use of your personal data with the statutory provisions of the Data Protection Act and the Telemedia Act. We collect, store and process your data for the whole processing of your purchase, including any subsequent warranties, for our service departments, the technical administration and for our own marketing purposes. Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties or otherwise transferred if it serves the purpose of the contract or is required for billing or if you have previously agreed to this. In the context of order processing, for example, the service providers used by us here (as for example. carriers, logistics providers, banks), receive the necessary data for the order and order processing. The data received may be used by our service providers solely to fulfil their task. Any other use of the information is not permitted and is also not done by any of the service providers used by us

For your order, we need your correct name, address and payment details. We need your e-mail address, so that we can provide you with the order receipt confirmation and can communicate with you. We also use this for your identification (customer login). You will also receive your order and shipping confirmation via your e-mail address.

Your personal data is deleted if statutory retention obligations do not preclude this and if you have requested deletion, if the data is no longer necessary to fulfil the intended purpose of storing them or if their storage is inadmissible for other legal reasons.

2.4 Use of your Data for Advertising Purposes
In addition to the processing of your data for the completion of your purchase at CataleaFashion, we will use your data to communicate with you about your orders, certain products or marketing campaigns and to recommend products or services that might be of interest to you.

You can object to the use of your personal data for advertising purposes at any time as a whole or for individual measures, without incurring any costs for this other than the transmission costs at the basic rates. A communication in text form to the contact details referred to in point 1 (e.g. e-mail, fax, letter) is sufficient for this.

2.4.1 Newsletter
We will only send you a newsletter via e-mail if you have previously expressly confirmed to us that we should activate the newsletter service.

Should you later not want to receive any more newsletters from us, you can reject this service at any time, without incurring any costs for this other than the transmission costs at the basic rates. A communication in text form to the contact details referred to in point 1 (e.g. e-mail, fax, letter) is sufficient for this.

2.4.2 Product Recommendations by E-mail
As a customer of CataleaFashion, you will receive product recommendations from us via e-mail on a case-by-case basis. You receive these product recommendations from us regardless of whether you have subscribed to a newsletter. In this way, we want to provide you with information on products from our offer that you might be interested in, based on your most recent purchases with us. We strictly follow the statutory regulations when doing this.

If you do not want to receive product recommendations or any advertising messages from us, you can reject this service at any time, without incurring any costs for this other than the transmission costs at the basic rates. A communication in text form to the contact details referred to in point 1 (e.g. e-mail, fax, letter) is sufficient for this.

2.4.3 Individual Advertising for You
Information we receive from you helps us to constantly improve your shopping experience and make it customer-friendly and tailored to you. The information you have submitted and automatically generated information will be used to create offers tailored to you and your interests. We use existing information, such as your order history, your service history, date and time of the visit to the homepage and products you are interested in for this purpose.

We use this information solely in pseudonymised form. Through the analysis and evaluation of this information, we can improve our websites and our internet offer, as well as sending you individual offers. This means offers that recommend products to you that you might be interested in. Our goal is to make our offers more useful and interesting for you. Therefore, the evaluation and analysis of the pseudonymised data collected from you helps us not to send you advertising indiscriminately.

I consent to CataleaFashion using data submitted by me and any further information stored on my customer account, as well as pseudonymous user data, to present me with personalised and/or special offers and services.

If you do not want to receive personalised offers, you can object to this at any time as a whole or for certain measures. A communication in text form to the contact details referred to in point 1 (e.g. e-mail, fax, letter) is sufficient for this.

 3. Cookies

The acceptance of cookies is not a prerequisite for visiting our web pages. However, we point out that the use of the shopping cart feature and the request for goods is only possible if you allow us to set cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored on your data carrier and which save the specific settings and data exchange with our system on your browser. There are basically two different types of cookies, so-called session cookies that are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary/permanent cookies, which are stored for a longer period of time or indefinitely on your disk. This storage helps us to design our web sites and our offers for you accordingly and makes it easier for you to use it, for example by allowing certain inputs from you to be saved so that you do not need to repeat them continuously.

Which cookies does CataleaFashion use?

Most of the cookies used by us are automatically deleted from after the browser session (at the end of the session) from your hard drive (therefore also session cookies). For example, session cookies are required to give you the shopping cart function across multiple pages. We also use cookies that remain on your hard disk. If you visit us again, it will then be automatically detected that you have visited our site before and what your preferred inputs and settings are. These temporary or even permanent cookies (“lifetime”: 1 month to 10 years) are stored on your hard drive and delete themselves after the specified time. These cookies, in particular, are used to make our service more user-friendly, more effective and safer. Thanks to these files, for example, you can have information specially tailored to your interests displayed on the page. The only purpose of these cookies is to adapt our offer to our customers’ wishes as well as possible and to make your time with us as comfortable as possible.

What data are stored in the cookies?

No personal data are stored in the cookies used by CataleaFashion. The cookies used by us are not allocable to any particular person and therefore also not to you. On activation of the cookie, an identification number is assigned to it. A mapping of your personal data for this identification number is not possible at any time and is not done. Your name, IP address, or similar data which would enable the mapping of the cookies to you are not collected at any time. With the cookie technology, we only receive pseudonymous information, such as which pages of our shop have been visited, which products have been viewed, etc.

What is onsite targeting?

Based on a cookie technology, data for the optimisation of our advertising and the entire online offering is collected on the CataleaFashion website. This data will not be used to identify you personally, but is only for a pseudonymous evaluation of the use of the Homepage. Your data will at no time be linked with the personal data that we have stored. Our goal is to make our online offer as attractive for you as possible and to present you with offers that match your areas of interest.

Are there also third-party cookies?
There are no third-party cookies.


How can I prevent the storage of cookies?

As a rule, you can see in the menu bar of your web browser via the help function displayed how to reject new cookies and deactivate ones you have already obtained. Detailed information on how to check the settings in the browser you are using you can be found at the following link (only in German).

We recommend that you always fully log out when you are using shared computers which are set so that they accept cookies and flash cookies once you are finished.


4. Log Files

For each access to the pages of CataleaFashion, usage data are transmitted by the respective Internet browser and stored in server log files. The stored data records contain the following data: Date and time of the retrieval, the name of the retrieved website, IP address, referrer URL (source URL from which you have come to the web pages), the quantity of data transferred and product and version information of the used browser.

The IP addresses of users are deleted or anonymised after the end of the use. In an anonymisation, the IP addresses will be changed in such a way that details of personal or material circumstances can no longer be assigned to a specific or determinable natural person or only with disproportionate investment of time, cost and labour.

We evaluate this log file in anonymised form to further improve our offer and the CataleaFashion shop and make them more user-friendly, find errors faster and to rectify these, as well as to control server capacities. For example, it can be traced, at which time the use of the CataleaFashion-Shops is particularly popular and to make the corresponding volume of data available to provide you with the fastest possible handling. We can also more quickly identify and resolve any errors in the CataleaFashion shop through an analysis of the log files.

 5. Secure Data Transmission

Your personal data are transferred safely with us through encryption. This applies to your request and the customer login. We use the coding system Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Although no one can guarantee absolute protection, we secure our websites and other systems by technical and organisational measures against loss, destruction, access, alteration or distribution of your data by unauthorised persons.

6. Information Rights of the Person Concerned

In accordance with the data protection law, our customers have a right to information about their stored data, as well as a right to correction, blocking or deletion of data, where necessary.

We take the protection of your data very seriously. To ensure that personal data are not passed on to any third parties, please send your request by e-mail or by post with clear identification of yourself to

IFA GmbH – Brandboxx Salzburg
Moosfeldstraße 1 / OG / A8
A-5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg
Tel.: +43-(0)1-7985851
Fax: +43-(0)1-798585189
E-Mail: office@CataleaFashion.com